Return from staycation and the Open House update

_DSC0164_DSC0170 _DSC0179

Sights of the graduation open house. It was last Saturday. I am finding that it is a Midwest tradition ( I assumed everyone the country over did this) to have a party in your home/yard for the graduate. It is a time to give gifts to send the grad off into adulthood prepared. A “shower” if you will. We had about 120 people come. I was very pleased with how it all turned out. I love the pictures and there a  many more to share but these are ones that spoke to me and represented the party. I thank all the guests that attended and those that sent well wishes. The weather was cool but no rain, yes!!


Now we are back to the summer routine. It has been a whirlwind for the past 6 weeks. Our daughter caught her plane home yesterday in Detroit. My husband and I spent the day going to stores we love going to Trader Joe’s, Whole foods, Highland fling Scottish store, Ackroyd’s Scottish bakery ( I love the fern cakes and gotta learn how to make them), and the Village Quilt shop. We didn’t buy much but enjoyed the day together.

We all are headed to work today tired but happy. I couldn’t have done this with out the help of my parents, my husband, my son the grad, my daughter, my friend Sue and my friend Cindy. Thanks to everyone, it was truly a team effort.

Off to work, and maybe some quilt and craft posts later with some happiness project stuff woven in.



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