Happiness Project Boot Camp

I did a quick version of the Happiness Project over the past couple of months, the original book and project is designed for a year long project. Visits from family and friends. Help from all those I asked.  It naturally fit during this season of life. Graduation and planning for the Open House.

I have never been more happy. And that happiness continues long after the events are over, too. Kinda like the benefits of exercise that linger long after the work out is done!!

First was boosting energy-get sleep, go to the gym, clean out clutter. Boy did we do a bunch of spring cleaning around here. And yes the painting still has to happen. It will happen and be a momentous occasion. The steps are fixed, the garage repaired and the flower garden is spruced up and lovely. We had tons of decorating, cooking and prepping to make things beautiful around here. And I have the benefit of the clean lingering long after the party.

Next was Remembering love and those in my life whom I love. Showing them! Telling them! My husband and I had a birthday weekend getaway.

Aim higher for goal setting and not settling. My quilt came out in Quilty magazine and now my goal it to get some patterns up for sale and/or collection of some for a book. Most of all enjoying each moment falls into this sections. I have taken on several new customer projects

Lighten up. Laugh. Boy did I do a lot of that. It felt so good. Jokes, funny videos, family silliness and sharing great stories.

Play hard. The Highland games season started and I found myself goofing around more. I play Photo a day in Instagram. I sat down and played Euchre with my family. TONS of fun!

Make time for friends. I had many times where I spent with family and friends at Highland games, graduation and open House. Introverted people (me) still love to be at parties and visit. My daughter came to visit from Virginia and we had a wonderful visit. It made me realize I am gonna be a Grandma soon!!

Buy some Happiness. I bought a new rotary cutting board with some Birthday money. And it has made all the difference in the world in my quilting. And we had the cost of spring cleaning and the grad party. All which made me very happy.

Contemplate the heavens. I have started a new personal Bible Study and met missionaries at our church.

Pursue a passion. I took up Zentangle during all this madness and I continue to learn new things in quilting. I am making test blocks for a magazine, too. I am doing blocks that aren’t in my comfort zone!

Pay attention to the here and now is where I am at. I am savoring the moments. I have wrapped up this Happiness Project boot camp with the final challenge- Keep a contented heart.

And is it ever contented.




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