Highland Games


Spring Lake Michigan was the setting for this weekend’s games. It was six events-open stone, light weight for distance, weight over bar, sheaf, light hammer and caber. My husband took first place in four of the events.


A nice practice throw, ahhh they even put flowers on the field to dress it up. 🙂


This was trouble! Poor Brendon, not his day with that caber.


But this was a great turn of the caber!


My husband’s first place trophy!!!


My Dad with my son and daughter. This was taken at my son’s grad party. Happy Father’s day.



  1. Congrats at the Highland Games. Beautiful Trophy — and wonderful photos.

    Yesterday my daughter danced… for her category she placed 6th in the Championships and 4th overall in Nationals. Our big local games are next weekend. Then 2 more out of town this season.


    • Congratulations, the competition is always tough. We had a great time. The next games is in town. This trophy was the first one he has received, so far it has been a very good year. we are hoping to go to the Master’s world games in Scotland in 2014. I have never left the US except to go to Canada. It would be a dream come true!


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