Does High School ever end?

I find that I feel that I am always missing the prom. I haven’t been invited to sit at the popular kids table. I am sandwiched between the graduating class who was cool and the upcoming freshman who have tons to prove.  I am was never the stylish prom queen or the talented jock.


High school. Yep some aspects of it never change. The cool and popular kids. The jocks , the party animals and those who really had no aspiration to go anywhere. It was about who could date who and who could goof off the most to be popular.  I was a band geek and an honor student. I worked hard and I was seriously minded. I wanted to get outta there.

I got invited to the cool cat party once but I didn’t go because I knew that I didn’t belong. I didn’t go to the prom either. Just a couple tinges of regret.

I would like to be at the popular kids table too, don’t get me wrong, but I would like to embrace everyone along the way. I want to just once feel like I was able to accomplish something that was worthwhile outside of my day job because it’s rewards are personal and not public.


I am working on it. I am working on improving myself for myself.  I am a goal oriented person and I have achieved two of my three goals this year. I am now working on the last one… but that day job is demanding my time. LOL


There is a song my son played for me called “High School Never Ends” and it really made me laugh. just fyi there are a few swear words in the song. But worth a laugh and keeping it all in perspective!








  1. *sigh* I was unpopular, kinda geeky, and never went to prom or any of the dances for that matter. I could draw, that’s about it. I was only popular when someone wanted me to draw something for them on their folder or maybe a notebook. I had a few close friends, but was way too shy to ever be considered outgoing. Although I’m still the same person with the same insecurities, and still feel like I don’t fit in a LOT of the time, I don’t think people see that about me… just like that isn’t what I notice about you. I see a super talented quilter, artist and musician. I see someone who is very interesting, kind and caring, open and honest. I would sit and eat lunch at your table any day. =]


    • Thanks Kat, it struck me as incredibly funny after listening to this song and a few ridiculous conversations at work, I realized that in many ways High School never ends! I am pushing the back side of my 40’s and have had many wonderful times/events/accomplishment BUT when one of the “in group” peeps says something to me that isn’t positive I go right back to those feelings at lunch in High School. How silly! I hope to see you this summer!


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