Here is the last page of tangles I have drawn in my little journal. The next pictures are close ups of each. I enjoy making them and they are a great way to feel ‘inspired’ for my other things for the day like quilting or designing.

I woke up early today. 5 am. Yea, that was it, lights on time to get moving. I didn’t waste the time and worked on some new quilting ideas. I have much of EQ pulled from the old to the new laptop. I have my quilt ready to mail for the AQS show. Now to work on my test block for Quiltmaker magazine. I think it’s the last one for this series. I hope to do it again, it was fun and challenging to keep by skills up!!

Oh yea, its a million pieces. And my least fav, applique. However, I am going to test out raw edge applique to see if I live that any better than needle turned. Hmmm, don’t think so but it’s worth a try.

The work days are very long and my time at home very short. I really hate that. I will take my note pad and keep writing my ideas down.



  1. Raw edge applique has its place on certain projects, but needle turn is by far my choice of applique. It does take more time and I’m still working to perfect the tiny stitches…Your sketches are lovely. Good luck with your AQS Entry… Another quilters associated with Quiltmaker :)! Sandi


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