Sunday drive

A friend gave me a brochure showing a drive that I may be interested in. It was buildings that had quilt blocks painted on them. I had so much fun touring the country just to take pictures and see these building. These are the photos I took today. I had such a great time, I must thank my husband for driving. I would have been lost!

DSCN9469 DSCN9471 DSCN9472 DSCN9474 DSCN9476 DSCN9478 DSCN9480 DSCN9482 DSCN9484 DSCN9486 DSCN9488 DSCN9489 DSCN9492 DSCN9493 DSCN9495 DSCN9496 DSCN9497 DSCN9501 DSCN9503 DSCN9505 DSCN9506 DSCN9509 DSCN9511 DSCN9512 DSCN9513

Ok so not all of my pics have quilt blocks in them. Some were just because!


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