Block #717

2013-11-01 12.42.542013-07-30 19.13.31

Last summer I embarked on a journey for testing about 12-14 blocks for this edition of Quiltmaker’s 100 block magazine. I learned so much. I tested and expanded my skills and tried new techniques. I have to say that I enjoyed it so much that I am making more test blocks now. This post is part of a  series of test blocks where I share my experiences and what I learned in the process.

I learned that for successful machine applique you much have new fusible webbing (the old stuff didn’t stick), thread that matches the fabric when you stitch it down and that I CAN DO THIS. Mostly it’s the last one. I have no confidence that I could do it.

IMG_20131116_125742_555 IMG_20131116_125745_223 IMG_20131116_130551_842 2013-11-16 16.07.10 2013-11-17 16.59.08 2013-11-17 16.59.46

Weekend update. We saw a football game at my son’s college. That was tons of fun with a little bit of tailgating and great football.  We had a visit with my parents and my siblings on Sunday. Horrible wind and rain flew in the state so the drive home was weird. We stopped to let it blow over for an hour. Then we tried to get home before the second wave of storms came in . We were thirty miles from home and the rain started.


Good news is only trees down in our area. Lots of people  including my family downstate is out of power and it may be that way for days. Our roof is still intact from what we can tell and no leaks. Basement it dry and our cars are good. Now we brace for more snow to come in the area.

And time to get back to the work week, I want a coffee like I had yesterday, Ymmm 2013-11-17 09.41.21



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