Test Blocks- The last three for Vol 8!!!

Last summer I embarked on a journey for testing about 12-14 blocks for this edition of Quiltmaker’s 100 block magazine. I learned so much. I tested and expanded my skills and tried new techniques. I have to say that I enjoyed it so much that I am making more test blocks now. This post is part of a  series of test blocks where I share my experiences and what I learned in the process.

.2013-08-23 06.32.47 2013-11-19 07.26.44

Block 723. This is paper pieced and as you can tell I didn’t understand what “reverse foundation” meant. Oops, it was a lovely block once I figured that out! Would make a great 4 block medallion center of a quilt!

2013-08-29 08.28.03

Block #732 This is right in my wheelhouse. It is paper pieced and straight forward. I love the colors, the sharp corners and the movement of the block. I learned this is what is “easy” for me and in my comfort zone.



2013-11-19 07.26.50

block #731 This is a challenge block. It has many tiny pieces that is paper pieced. I loved the tiny arrows that emerged. I think that if I had animal prints like the designer has in her blocks I would like it even more.

2013-11-18 12.05.43

It was a wonderful time!!! I want to thank Quiltmaker for the opportunity. I am test blocks for Vol 9 plus I am making a quilt with the new tested blocks. I also was thrilled to get the magazine and cup as thank you gifts!!


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