at -11 the world can actually slow down a bit

2013-12-14 17.31.09

Life has been moving fast around here. I mean at break neck speed. I have had such wonderful times in travel, meeting people, holiday parties….In fact, we just got our tree up and starting Christmas shopping. I have started to wrap the gifts that need to be mailed. I have been sewing and quilting lots of holiday suprises!! I have been working tons of hours at my day job.

I all this I was wishing things could slow down, savor each moment. I have time off next week and I can do just that. In fact, I will let Christmas linger and probably wont take down the tree until mid January and after Christmas I will get my movie fix in of “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “White Christmas.”

But over the weekend winter happened. It slowed me down in my race to get places, to work and shop. Today the tons of snow and cold have forced it upon me. Below zero for the first time

2013-12-14 20.57.54

2013-12-14 20.58.29

2013-12-15 15.19.00

2013-12-15 18.05.01

2013-12-15 18.05.09

2013-12-15 18.05.22

2013-12-16 06.38.30

2013-12-16 06.38.42

2013-12-16 06.43.47 this winter.

Life slows down below zero. It can move at a crawl. I am snuggled in my house. I am visiting with my family. Talking history, reliving memories and holiday traditions. I like life below zero because things slow down.

Now if my van starts so I can get to work, it will be better. Yea, kids get a snow day but I still have to get to work….


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