Quilts made for Christmas suprises!!

My friend Cyndi wanted to make some special quilts for her family. We succeeded in making three quilts. She didn’t know the first thing about quilting however, she has done some sewing and she arranges flowers so picking colors are something that she does A LOT! So we started with the disappearing four patch for her son. He graduates this year and we wanted a quilt that could go to college with him. Her daughter jumped in on this too, she knew how to make quilt blocks. We had two sewing machines going and in no time we had the top done. I long armed this quilt with a stipple.

2013-11-15 12.52.34

2013-11-24 18.58.34

2013-11-24 18.58.42Very cool especiall for a first time quilter!!!


Next we made a quilt for her husband. It is a disappearing nine patch. After we started this quilt, Cyndi had a dream about placing a pieced heart in the center. I smiled and said I had the perfect pattern for that. It required a lesson on HST and it turned out so perfectly. Love the fabric choices, all Cyndi’s ideas. It was quilting with a double stipple stitch on my long arm. I also had the girls help me pin on the quilts so I went fast with so many hands. Now I know why quilting bees were so popular years ago!!!

2013-12-21 14.10.26 2013-12-21 14.10.38 2013-12-21 14.10.52So Romantic, isn’t it. And to answer Cyndi’s question, I dream of quilts often. Doesn’t everyone??


Last but not least we had to sneak a quilt for her daughter who wanted to help. I found a free chevron pattern on the net. It went together quickly , however, the HST were all on the bias a thing to remember for future chevrons. I think I would pick a different way to make the oversized hst. However, it is a lovely chevron with a modern 4 seasons theme.

2013-12-23 12.30.45 2013-12-23 12.31.00 2013-12-23 12.31.20 2013-12-23 12.31.35I quilted in a double stipple in the middle and tried to mimick the color story in the borders. The back shows this a bit more in the photos. What lovely fabric choices!!!


Overall, her family had a big surprise and we were able to accomplish a ton! There is another son….. 🙂



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