Now what


Is a question that I often ask myself…..and that is a question for today,

I am up early as usual. I listen to white noise type of music and check the world of social media. I assess my injured body and start to plan my day.

My great grandmother used to say getting old is mighty inconvienent. And its a very true statement thst becomes clearer daily! It  starts with the white noise,  I have middle ear  damage that leaves my balance bad and constant ringing in my ears since age 12.

Bad balance has lead to several falls on the ice this winter and I am nursing an injured Achilles since Thanksgiving. I keep exercising and trying to keep my physical balance but my allergic over reactive body isnt cooperating.

See, its complicated to plan your day  around a body that is eccentric. I have to plan,  pace and prepare it for house work. That’s first after coffee.

Then some cardio at the gym and grocery shopping. I have organizing and holiday decorations to pack. And sewing , lots of it.

I want to sew a scrappy block a day.  I have a sampler going for quilt maker, and three grad quilts on the list. And patterns to finalize. 

Balance both physically and mentally is the key, isn’t it?

I have plenty to do this year…. come on body we can do this!!!!!!!


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