A tale of two coffee cups



I have these two beautiful cups. They have been in their boxes since they were gifted to me. The koala cup came from Australia when my daughter visited a few years ago. The irish cup came from my husband last week. Still mint in box, until this am.

They were too pretty to use. Didn’t want to make them not new anymore. I was saving them……
For what?

So I took these pictures of them out of the box. I am going to wash them and use them. And enjoy them.

I have rid my self of saving things several years ago. I dont save fabric, I dont stash yarn. I have a few keepsske items and I use them. So I needed to rid myself of saving these. It has bothered me for a week now.

I dont need any more dust collectors. I don’t want to be one either. Gotta take risks, unwrapped and out of the box.


All day long. With cool new coffee cups, of course.


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