Nothing much

Yet so much has been filling our days around here. I have been sewing and I have a top nearly done for Quiltmaker magazine. They sent me the fabric and I had to make a quilt with a few rules. More to follow of that when I get the green light.

I have been quilting on the long arm. I have two quilts waiting and two more quilts waiting to be even started for graduation. That’s in May,  long way off right? NOT REALLY when you have a day job.

However, I have been messing around with economy blocks and at projects. I have a sewing space to set up this weekend when my mother in law moves out after two months. The two bedrooms downstairs will be reorganized. Pics will follow.

In the meantime, we have been having some fun. A Burn’s dinner where we celebrated the live of Robert Burns with poems, music and food. I read my last blog post with a few improvs and won a  poetry book for my original poem. We went to a hockey game. I have several pictures on my instagram feed on the side bar.

Now, as I stare February in the face, I realized I have to get a plan together. I have to get a new schedule going. I have to get organized. I have to get my diet under control. I have to do something different or this 130 inches of snow and sub zero temps are going to lull me into hibernation and I will get NOTHING done . I feel like I am just spending time goofing around.


Are you with me? I am restarting my new years resolutions again. Lose weight, be organized, exercise 4 times a week and work on positive thinking.

Any suggestions? I would love to hear them.









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  1. Start the positive thinking by not being so hard on yourself! Counter every negative thought with a positive one, ask yourself why you are thinking this, or ask who told you so (e.g. I should do keep a spotless house.). Don’t compare your inside thoughts with what you see in others. You’re seeing their “outsides”‘!
    As for exercise, it’s a habit to develop. Once I got used to doing it first thing in the morning (I used to go to the gym before work, do my workout then shower there, putting my clothes together the night before so all I had to do was brush my teeth, throw on exercise duds and go.). It helps having a friend go with you cuz you won’t want to let your friend down.
    Losing weight will come with exercise but you can help it by having protein snacks and drinking more water. Starving yourself does not work and artificial sweeteners ( aspartame) tend to increase your appetite.
    As for organization, accept the fact that most creative people struggle with this. Don’t lose sleep over it and don’t make it a priority. Just try to put things away when you are done.
    That’s my two cents! Keep smiling too! It looks great on you!


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