I am a Fusion quilter


I had the best time meeting Mary Fons and filming Quilty.  The above link is to the show that aired today on Qnntv.com. It was such a lovely time on this set.  You can read about it here.

noun: fusion; plural noun: fusions
  1. 1.
    the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
    “a fusion of an idea from anthropology and an idea from psychology”
    synonyms: blend, blending, combination, amalgamation, joining, union, marrying, bonding, merging, melding, mingling, integration, intermixture, intermingling, synthesis; More


I have to say that making this episode has inspired me to continue in my quilting journey.  I have a love of the deep rich colors of Civil War fabrics. I really enjoy the bright colors and large patterns of modern fabrics. I like small  blocks and I also like graphic punch. Fusion of ideas that mix, marinade and meld together. That’s what I think fusion quilting is.

I have to say that it is such a very cool thing that Qnntv.com and Quilty have  free videos for everyone to watch. However, I just purchased a year long membership and have to say the I am LOVING the videos once you are a member. I have learned so much about long arm quilting. There is tons of shows on piecing, too.

I must encourage anyone who wants to learn about quilting to sign up. I live in a rural area so classes are limited. AND I work so I don’t have tons of hours to devote to classes at a local shop. You can’t beat the price, with. I really enjoy seeing some of my quilting hero’s share.


I am going to make the block named Nordica that will be featured in the next Quilty magazine. With the most awesome polka dot fabric that Mary gave me. Yep, it’s gonna be pretty sweet.


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