Ok, this is going to be a pic heavy post with just a few words. It is about hope and hoping!

wpid-IMG_20130823_063210_619.jpgHere’s hoping to the book proposal I sent off…..

 2013-11-01 12.42.54wpid-PhotoGrid_1375639200568.jpgHere’shoping to a few magazines approval to a couple of quilt ideas too2014-04-03 19.28.28 Here’s hoping I can get a sample in the local quilt shop for longarming

2014-04-03 19.28.34 Heres hoping to some success at pebbling, I talked to my long arm dealer and he gave me some ideas.

2014-04-04 09.32.41 Here’s hoping for more curved piecing in the future, I love it.

Here’s hoping to teaching a class.


And here’s hoping for spring.




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