Design wall Monday and Linky Tuesday


I had a crafty fail, so I made this economy block to get back on track. I had to call my friend who does flower arranging and we made this corsage. See link below.
It made me nostalgic because this is the last prom any of my children were go to, even though it is time for them to grow up.



Here is an adorable child for a grand child that my the customer made, she’s 90 years old this month!!!
And I have the privilege to quilt it in a meander for her, with a few leaves adn swirls along the way. Love the crossed canoes!!! Tent’s too.



My daughter found some very cute baby items that I can  sew, I have forgotten a lot about garment sewing but I will refresh my memory as i go. 

Go to to see what all other quilters are doing this Monday and Freemotion by the River for linky party Tuesday.

 #lunchhour #longarmquilting off the frame! full view of the quilt. Thanks everyone!!



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