Road Trip adventure


Saturday is a bright sunny day after a grey rainy and snowy week. We had a road trip planned to buy some spring clothes. My closet is full of threadbare old things.

DSCN9605 The trip was delayed because of a problem with a renewal of our virus protection program… weeks early. But I did long arm a quilt–a future post.


Then along the interstate we ran into another delay…….



My husband is changing the flat tire so we can get to the next town to buy a tire. I got a sunburn waiting along the road!!! (with a winter jacket on, please note snowbanks)


DSCN9607 DSCN9608

That’s the spare, I am a bit concerned about the rust on it.

Buuuuuuut, We had a great day anyway. I found some clothes on sale. I found the prefect bag to carry on my vacation and for festivals. I had a great time visiting with my husband. We ate at a Famous Dave’s Barbeque…… a very fine way to end this day.

Lessons learned: changing a tire isn’t too hard and I would have called triple A and it would have ended the day. But we pressed on.

Also, for as much exercise that I do, we walked while waiting for the van. My Achilles has been feeling great for several weeks. Well, walking on a hill made it hurt a bit. The weight lifting and bike riding aren’t gonna help if I have to walk, and I need walking shoes.

So I have to walk outside this summer to prep for my vacation this fall.




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