Where Do I go from here?

2014-05-10 10.52.14

We had to drive several hours to pick up my husband’s new kilt on Saturday. We are going to Scotland in the fall for highland games and a vacation. Our first no kids vacation. It has it’s problems with flights already and we are trying to decide what we can do in two weeks. His competition season starts in two weeks. So during the final fitting and pick up I absorbed some sun and saw green grass. It all got me thinking about where I want to go with my quilting.



2014-05-10 11.22.53I have been waiting to hear on my first book proposal. I followed  up this week and it was rejected. I am not sure where to go from here. Etsy? Send to another publisher? Focus on   because I am pretty busy? I want to expand my online presence so I have a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and I am thinking about having my son develop a mobile app of some sort. Lots of ideas.

2014-05-11 15.01.25 2014-05-11 16.04.34 2014-05-11 16.14.01 2014-05-11 16.14.08 2014-05-11 16.14.17 2014-05-11 16.15.02 2014-05-11 16.17.23 2014-05-11 16.22.01 2014-05-11 16.27.02 2014-05-11 16.30.36 2014-05-11 16.30.48 2014-05-11 16.31.08 2014-05-11 16.43.32 Sunday for Mothers day I found myself in the car with my family and we went to Mackinac City, drove through Wilderness park and ended in Petoskey eating dinner. Pictures are some of the sights we encountered along the way. I was inspired to continue my quilting and quilting as a business. I am also going to sell some patterns, quilts and smalls on Etsy. Now to get it going. I also need to get the word out, so you may want to join in the fun. 2014-05-12 18.45.41I want to have a fabric and pattern giveaway. I am thinking about having people like my Facebook, repost in IG and trying to use rafelcopter. So stay tuned for all the fun!!!!



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  1. What’s your Instagram name?
    So sorry to hear about your book rejection. I can’t even imagine writing one and photographing the projects – such a lot of work. Don’t give up hope!


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