Wherein my disorganization has cost me again


I am so mad at myself. I have tried to follow my own Happiness project where keeping external order helps to keep internal order. Yep, keeping organized. If you have been a reader of this blog you will remember by big organizing goals a few years ago. I have done pretty well in maintain the organization that was completed.

I went through this 100 year old house room by room, closet by closet. I have a little bit of clutter that has been accumulating but spring is here and it is warm enough to start cleaning and organizing again. We have big plans over the summer to “reset” two of the bedrooms. One to a music room, the other to a sewing room. I also am going through places I didn’t hit during the last go through, the basement….. on to why I am mad and motivated.


2014-05-16 06.54.07 2014-05-16 06.54.30Here is spring from a couple of days ago, lol. It may have some bearing on my difficulties in cleaning up and organizing. Cold weather makes it difficult to go to unheated areas of the house.


2014-04-17 07.22.05

I was fortunate enough to buy this phone 5 weeks ago. I discovered on Mother’s Day that the 50$ rebate had to be postmarked, the next day. I had all the paper work.  No original box. No barcode. I ripped apart the house and discovered that I had a bit of disorganization going on along with the winter pile up of boxes and areas needing attention. I called the rebate company and I HAD to have the barcode. So the deadline came and went. I lost out on the money.

Today after getting warmer weather, I started to go through the basement. I am going through boxes in storage and pitching useless stuff. I then got motivated to bag up the boxes that were stacked up. Yep, I found the phone box with bar code. Sigh.

I am getting things going. NO More throwing away money.  I am maximizing the space in the house and we have a storage unit lined up. Let the sorting begin!!!

2014-05-16 12.29.03

Ok palate cleanser,  am quilting a really cute applique baby quilt. I have to say, I am loving it so far. Reveal later when done!!!


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