Observations as another year passes

This was the first highland games of the season. I was also my birthday. I was a weekend of being very busy yet I didn’t do much but watch. See that’s what I am finding life to be these days. Funny little contrasts. I was busy, watching the games, the pipers, the parade, the dance and looking at the stuff going on. But I did a lot of sitting around and being hot. It was very nice.

DSCN9624 DSCN9701 DSCN9717 DSCN9748

We stayed in a very nice hotel/casino that we stayed at last year. It is very upscale and expensive. I had a room that was fantastic. However, the population of the hotel the first night was all 20 something year old women and middle aged women there to watch the Chippendale dancers. The hotel had women dressed like hookers and they were loud and bawdy. Children and teens  were running around the hotel unattended. It felt very seedy and full of Baracudas.  But the next day the hotel/ casino was back to being older people packing the gambling floor and not being rowdy. Ha. Funny how things changed in one day. I slept better the second night because it was quieter and it had a better vibe.


I am also finding that I like the time we are out visiting with family and friends during these games. I am also a person that likes times of quiet and being home. It is all about balance and contrasts. That is what makes up the inspiring moments in my life. I don’t feel much older but then I got up today and I am stiff and sore. I am feeling my Achilles injury. I have aches and pains. So yes I feel my 48 years. However, I still get things done. Lots done, I work at my day job and my home based business. I travel and maintain my own house. I do some volunteering and attend a quilt group. I still have tons of free time.

I just need to work at getting in shape to keep up with everything and everyone.

See my Instagram feed in the side bar to see other sights and sounds of the festival. All in all, I am not thrilled with being a year older. But I am sooooo glad to be. I am wiser and happier each year that goes by. Love to all my friends and family who wished me Happy Birthday.

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