Slowed down

With a fine cold! I have spent alot of time in bed. I also have watched more tv and movies. I certainly move slower when you cough and feel dizzy.

However, I did finish a couple of quilts.  I squeaked out the batting on this one!


I made my first simple serger project!


I am preparing for a new phase in work that saddens me a little. Instead of cutting my hours , yea, they are having me work part tine in two offices, boo. One is 48 miles from home. I will lose some of me time/ project time due to commuting, and the stress of not being in two places at once as usually happens when you work for 2 offices…..I hope its temporary.  The winter drive stinks.

I have plans for coping. I am doing my zentangles on lunch in the other city.

Life is changing but I think its good for the bank accounts right now.


  1. I hope the change works out well. Remember what I told you about commute if it continues to last until bad weather. We can do lunch whenever you have extra time. ūüôā


  2. You definitely were playing chicken with the batting! Glad you won – it’s a pretty quilt.

    I hope the job changes and the commute work out for you. I used to work about 35 miles from home and I didn’t realize how much I used that time to shake off the day and destress from work until my commute was really shortened. I ended up kind of missing it!


  3. Love the cute baby quilt. . Hope you get to feeling better, and also hope the company is paying for your gas; sure going up in price here.


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