Why can’t it be summer all year?

2014-06-14 13.00.27 2014-06-15 00.38.25Saturday is always an adventure! I started by going to a grad party today and I gave the graduate a quilt. I think it really will go to college in the fall. It is a 6 and 12 inch Economy block quilt.



2014-06-14 15.33.57 2014-06-14 15.37.02 The party was near Lake Huron so I had to go see it. The water is still very cold but it is a beautiful view.   I don’t get to see the big waters of the Great Lakes every day and the day was perfect for pictures.


2014-06-14 19.08.01 2014-06-14 19.08.16 After I returned home, I quilted Caro’ls quilt that will be a gift. I love the little monkeys. I made curls like the tail and added leaves. So adorable, should be perfect for a new baby.  I have 5 customer quilts waiting to be quilted.  I will be posting tons of because these are some really gorgeous tops!


2014-06-14 20.42.14 I do a evening walk about my yard and look at the plants. My grandmothers roses have been in my yard for several years. They came from her mothers house. I see signs of rose buds, I am so excited!!!!

2014-06-14 21.03.27My husband at a Highland game today. We are pretty busy, why can’t it be summer all year???





  1. Great Economy block quilt. Such pretty colors — I am sure she will love having it with her at college. Enjoy summer while it lasts. It will give you something to remember when it is gone again!


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