trying hard

2014-06-18 12.59.40


This has been a week of personal failure. I started traveling to the other office half time. I gained 5 pounds. The 2 hours of driving on commuting day leaves me several hours behind my usual schedule…. OK no more eating out, even subway. Packing a lunch. I am taking Zentangle stuff to do a 6 lesson course. I bought a book last year and never did it. I need to relaxation and creativity every day. I have more Zentangle books to do, too!!

By the way the work is the same. The office is beautiful and the staff very very nice. I feel like I am in a episode of the Twilight Zone because I used to work in this office 8 years ago and many of the people are the same…. we are just older. Ha!

2014-06-18 18.32.26

My sewing is suffering. I did manage a little sewing last night and I made this t shirt and diaper cover. Ooops. The diaper cover has upside down pattern on the fabric. I am not finding many free clothes for 12 months like shorts. I am going with dresses, t shirts and diaper covers. I have fleece pants pattern. I may try that in a light knit. All free patterns found on a google search. Love free stuff. I have store bought patterns but they start at 4t.

2014-06-17 19.51.082014-06-15 16.43.492014-06-15 16.44.14

I am long arming a lot. I have a twin quilt nearly finished and I have its sister quilt to do. I am trying to have all the customer quilts caught up. I have several family quilts as well as some of my own that I want to do nothing but crazy stuff on them…. customers don’t aways appreciate my free motion custom work, lol. It really is crazy!


! 2014-06-16 20.51.30



The slow movement is catching on in the US after many years. It is a movement about enjoying life at a slower pace, enjoying the process and focus is more on creativity, connections and the journey. There has been a big movement in stitching. Please check out Mark Lipinski’s new blog    


… I have always been a slow stitcher and long armer…. yep this doesn’t mean all by hand and stuff.





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