Bear Paw Quilt #2

2014-06-29 16.41.44 2014-06-29 16.41.03

Here is the second Twin quilt that is a Bear Paw pattern. This customer quilt is a set of 2 quilts going in to a guest room This quilt has more blue in it and has a blue batik for the backing. I felt that the batik back made the batting have more loft while quilting it. Cotton fabrics grab the batting more and has less shifting. I love how both quilts are similar but have their own personalities.



2014-06-29 16.40.41wpid-wp-1403693864738.jpeg


Here are the quilts side by side. You can see the very center of the bear paw has different colors blue and red, and the blue dominated quilt has more blues. And the red one more reds. I think that Aileen did a great job!!


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