On the eve on a long holiday weekend….


I am really feeling like my time management has hit a stand still for the past month. I guess that is what summer is all about. I am relaxing more and getting less projects done. I am focusing more on slow stitching. Even my customer quilts. Read what it’s about a http://www.slowstitching.com.

The journey for a slow stitcher is the focus. I can’t do hand sewing much or hand quilting due to arthritis, but I may try hand sewing small projects. My start in slow stitching this week is that I have done a little crochet just because. I made 2 grannies for coasters. I have a couple of amigurumi’s to finish. I haven’t decided what they are going to be yet…..

Slow stitching is about planning, dreaming and finding where your creative process takes you. I have patiently waited for fabric to get in to the quilt shop…. July was the date and guess what — it is in!!! I can’t wait to try the American made Cotton Solid line. I have a few art quilts in mind and a little bit of Birthday money to spend. Maybe this is the project to hand quilt. I have some crazy detailed long arm slow stitching patterns in my mind too.

Lots of thinking, now for doing.

I am getting back in to the 3 times a week to the gym. My injured achilles is healing with new shoes, heel cups and KT tape. I remember now what I may have done to hurt it before the stairs and hills I walked recently. I slipped in a tub in a hotel a few weeks ago. Yea, I am feeling old and decrepit. I have to rehab this before our vacation in Scotland in Sept. I am so excited about it but my realism keeps waiting for a bomb to drop and that we will not able to go. I don’t know why I do this. I am really excited and look forward to all the wonderful things we are going to do as well as the Highland Games my husband will compete in. I feel like Penny in the Big Band Theory, she doesn’t allow herself to get too excited about things. Yea, it may be a Midwest thing.

We had three things break in our house this week. The Air conditioner froze solid, just needed a new filter and a recharge. Whew. The spring on the garage door broke so it wouldn’t open. Fixed easy. Then the ongoing vehicle hummmm. Mechanic can’t find anything wrong so we are out a diagnostic fee and we know it’s safe to drive. I feel like a weight has been lifted!!!!


On lunch hour I visited Lowe’s garden center near the new office I work in part time. I found Fairy Gardens and it is exactly what I want. I am going to wait a week or so and see if they go on clearance. I have a love for all things miniature. You will see this in upcoming projects!!!


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