Squeezing the most out of summer

2014-08-07 19.15.57

There is something about Queen Anne’s lace that I really like. It reminds me of tatting. I love the purple centers. It is really quite complex clustering of tiny groups of flowers and most tatted doily’s are assembled in the manner.



2014-08-04 08.20.31 I love the simple daisy and this pic is by my mailbox with the shrubs blooming underneath. I love the textures in this picture.


2014-07-30 08.30.32


This last flower is the Mr Lincoln rose. Its lovely. I love the color and fullness. So the flowers are reminding me that summer is still here. It was 80 today. It was lovely and sunny. I refuse to look at the leaves that are changing, lol. Yea, they are right next to the flowers so that’s not easy but it is all about perspective isn’t it. What we are looking for, what we choose to see.


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