Waking up to silence

We have had loud city noises since mid-July. After the local festival, road construction on a side street started. The staging area for all the equipment was in the parking lot behind my house. The house was rattled daily starting at 630 with the equipment being started and then the  compacting machine went on till 7pm or later. The road is now open just in time for school to start and they moved construction to the next block beyond my hearing. Now if the porta potty that Is sitting in the parking lot on my property line would move, life would be back to normal.



2014-08-28 19.40.03 2014-08-28 19.40.38 2014-08-28 20.49.14


Speaking of normal, I am getting into a new normal for the fall. Our son is back in college. I have also have had a silent house. We have been going away for the weekends. Weeknight are usually filled with tv and going to the gym. I continue to sew and quilt. However, high school football started last night and we went. It was a beautiful night and our team won soundly. Good start to the season because a few years ago we lost every game. I still know a few of the boys playing and that makes it fun to watch.

2014-08-27 07.55.36 2014-08-27 18.54.08 2014-08-27 18.54.25 2014-08-27 18.54.37 2014-08-27 18.57.38

I have just quilted this most romantic quilt for Phyllis. It is a moda fabric and it is quilted in all over feathers. I love the softness of the quilt and the feathers are a nice background texture. Queen sized and destined to be a gift for a wedding. I love it!!!


Long weekend. I hope the weather cooperates with RenFest. Overall, one week left before our vacation. It expect it to be long a long work week in 4 short days,  actually. I hope to quilt one more quilt before we leave. I have to start packing soon. I am getting excited but we will see how I do on the long flight. I got motion sickness last flight I had.


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