Having fun

We ended summer with a trip to Refest last weekend for Labor Day. We finished shopping for our trip that starts Sat. We enjoyed a long ride home past houses I grew up in. A very nice time.





I am packing my bag for our big trip to Scotland for the Masters World Championship Highland Games.  My husband is competing and several of his friends will be there.



I am so excited. We have never taken a big trip like this. I expect it to be fantastic. So far the suitcase is not jammed and underweight. I am taking some items from home to a woman I know who lives in Edinburgh.  We will have lots of space for stuff to fit for the trip back.

So needless to say,  I will have some blog posts if wifi is good. I wont have all access to my camera sd card till I

am home but I bought a 32gb one. Plus we have our other technology to take pics.


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