Day 3 of our vacation

This is a day that we start to head to Inverness. We  drive ourselves. I have to say that driving is a challenge because it is slow going, has tractors on the highway, and one lane roads. My husband did a great job but it wasn’t easy for me to be a passenger on the left side of the car. We did stop at Stirling Castle on the way, wow, what a tight road full of hairpin turns to get to the castle. There is a lot of give and take driving on these roads that are so narrow.

But it was worth it! The views were great. Each castle had it’s own personality and different way to be explored. Stirling had a guided tour, costumed actors and a tapestry weaving project that is going on right on sight!!! This tapestries tell a classic medieval  story of the Unicorn Hunt. I learned that the unicorn is a national animal of Scotland and used in Royal heraldry.

2014-09-09 05.40.51 2014-09-09 05.41.00 2014-09-09 05.45.47 2014-09-09 05.46.01 2014-09-09 05.51.39

2014-09-09 06.07.33 2014-09-09 06.08.30 2014-09-09 06.18.44 2014-09-09 07.00.522014-09-09 07.12.28 2014-09-09 07.07.28 2014-09-09 07.08.05This tapestry project has been ongoing for years by a team of weavers and was funded by a private donor. Fascinating!


2014-09-09 10.19.55 2014-09-09 10.36.43 2014-09-09 10.55.10Very pretty views!  We are well on our way to the city in the Highlands, Inverness, where the Masters world Championships are held this year and my husband will compete in the Highland games. We are looking forward to the competition.


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