Day 2 of our Scotland vacation

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On the second day we woke up to the sounds of sea gulls, kids playing and a dog barking. It is actually an eerily quiet neighborhood, the street I live on is loud. Breakfast was delicious. The house is adorable and the neighborhood is magical. I feel like I am in a Harry Potter movie.  we see uniformed students going to the chocolate shop for a break, the tea and sweet shops, and the stone buildings. We take a double decker bus to Edinburgh Castle.

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The Castle is an overwhelming place at first view. This is the biggest castle we toured. It has amazing views of the city. It has the crown jewels, museums, cannons being shot off and the site of the August Tattoo.  The grand stands for the tattoo are being torn down and you can see that in some of these pictures. The castle and all of the road up to it is very ancient. The multiple buildings are well preserved and the cobble stone streets are authentic. This is a must see site.

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We walked the Royal Mile  and went to find the Apin Banner at the national museum. This is the flag that my husband’s ancestor saved at the battle of Culloden. It was a wonderful moment to see it and read the story on a plaque in a museum. We toured through part of the museum.

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We also went to St Giles Cathedral, it is a beautiful place. It has lovely stained glass windows and a little chapel where the Knights of the Thistle meet. We saw the burial sites and cathedral for Gray Frier’s Bobby. And lastly we toured Mary Kings Close (no pics). That was the underground city the current old town it built over. Ton’s of history on this day. Edinburgh is a bustling place. We had picture perfect weather, and every one is commenting on the unusual sunny warm days. It is very humid but in the 50’s.

Everyone is also talking bout the upcoming vote for independence, it is called “The Referendum.”

I can’t get used to all the tight quarters, narrow streets and the large amount of tourists in the off season! My feet are letting me tour and I wouldn’t let it stop me any ways. Everywhere we look is a new thing to see!  Today was a ton to take in and we sleep well. This is the beginning of an adventure!