Day 5 of our vacation

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Today is a picture perfect day, too. The weather is perfect so we went to Urquart castle. A lady thrower named Kate rode with us as she is travelling alone for the Masters World Championship. We know her from games in Michigan. I can’t imagine travelling to another country by myself. She is part of the Michigan group so she is not ALONE. I am pretty inspired by her athletic ability and her courage. Spoiler alert, she came in fourth in her age group at the end of the weekend. YEAH KATE!!!

This castle is a ruins and the big bonus is the view of Loch ness. I have to say that the castle portion was all up tiny spiral stairs and up steep hills. Several stories. And I did it, no getting frozen at the top. I was not gonna have a repeat of last year’s lighthouse incident.  My feet are really feeling it today. I am looking forward to sitting at the games over the next few days.

What can you say about Loch Ness except, WOW!

2014-09-11 11.57.57 2014-09-11 12.08.11 2014-09-11 12.10.08 2014-09-11 12.15.22 2014-09-11 12.15.39 2014-09-11 12.15.45 2014-09-11 12.16.16 2014-09-11 12.17.12 2014-09-11 12.24.47 2014-09-11 12.24.57 2014-09-11 12.25.15 2014-09-11 12.25.30 2014-09-11 12.28.382014-09-11 12.50.32The group of Michigan throwers that we see all summer. Kate is in pink.

We went back to Inverness and my husband registered for the games. They had registration in a night club, ha ha ha, the first and only time I will ever be in one of those! Then we had dinner in the town council townhouse. There were so many people we actually ate in the town council chambers. What a lovely building. It is pretty hot so I stepped out after the dinner. So glad I did because I was able to talk to locals who were security and learn about their feelings about The US and of course the Referendum. Many Yes people are vocal here.

And what is so interesting is that the athletes are a big hit with the tourists and generate a ton of photos and questions about the games. After dinner the MWC hosts had a concert for us to attend. It was the BEST show ever. I saw Highland Dance, bagpipers and bands. My favorite was a group called Manran.

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I have to say our stay in the b and b called Moyness House was great. It was close to everything we needed and we could walk if we wanted to. The décor was formal but not stuffy. We had a larger room that was very comfortable. The hosts are very helpful for weary tourists and very patient in giving directions, advice and tour advice.

Tomorrow is the first day of the games!!


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