Day 6 in scotland

Today was the day in our Scotland vacation that the Master’s World Championships started in Inverness.  We had so much fun so far and the games were so well done. I loved the chance to rest my feet and take pictures of my husband throwing heavy implements. He loves it so much and I enjoy the competition myself.

2014-09-28 21.11.42Prior to starting the games my husband and our friend Mark.

Here are shots during the games:


After a full day of doing games, there was a night time parade of the clans. It was the first time in 150 years that the parade was done in Inverness and it ended at the historic Northern Meeting Park. Many clan chiefs and dignitaries were present. It was the only time we were able to step foot in that park. It was the park where the games were started up again 150 years ago after the games were not allowed in Scotland. It was so cool.

I had an adventure because I couldn’t walk the entire parade with the hills. So I parted from the group to walk to the room and then meet them at the end of the parade route by the B andB. Well, I made a wrong turn in the dark, in the fog and wound up taking a tour of other neighborhoods. I came to a main road and got confirmation from the grocery store I was going the right way and as I got to the end of the parade route as the clans were coming down the hill. I could hear the bagpipes all over my walk but I couldn’t cross the river due to road construction and being a bit disoriented due to the fog. I had no phone but overall I got where I needed to go. The  pictures turned out and I walked the final leg with my husband. I decided not to leave the group again.

20140912_160901 20140912_161129 20140912_161745 20140912_162059

It was so much fun to be part of history! Here is a line to a video of the parade:


2 more days of the Highland Games, good thing because by now in this trip what I thought was allergies was really a nasty respiratory infection. I was prepared and wasn’t gonna let it stop me from having adventures !!!



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