Day 9 in Scotland




We took a vacation to Scotland in September, see previous posts to see what we did for the first week!

I know that we only have a few days left. I am starting to look forward to some sightseeing after doing the Highland Games for the past three days! Today was our first cloudy day. This was the perfect setting for our trip to Culloden Battlefield. Remember the Appin Banner that my husband’s ancestor saved? I got a pic of it in the museum in Edinburgh.  Yes, this battle was it. It was between the Jacobites and the English. The Jacobites lost terribly on this moor. Click here for more information. This was a very serious day but a good one. Our friends also had family that fought and died here so we shared this day with them.

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Then we rode the bus to The Glen Ord distillery north of Inverness. What a great view of the sea, the farm country and a wonderful tour! I never get tired of seeing such old buildings that are still being used! Scotch is very complex to make but I have to say… it is not my favorite thing to drink. I tried it, really I did. Some of the bottles are worth thousands of dollars!!!

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