Day 7 and 8 on our vacation

Day 7 and 8 were the last two days of the Highland games competition. It was so warm and sunny that  my husband and I got sunburned!!! I have to say that we prepared for rain and thankfully we had none.  My husband did a great job in this competition and he had the most wonderful time.  I am sure that he didn’t want it to end. Here are a few pictures of the games. The caber was really big and difficult. Not many turned it.

DSCN0118 DSCN0147 DSCN0168Hammer

DSCN0177 the Michigan throwers

DSCN0178 Franz, from Switzerland. His family came and cheered him on. They also took a liking to my husband and cheered and sang to him during the games. They were so fun!!!DSCN0345 2014-09-14 08.38.48 This man is actually a relative of my husband and they threw in the same group. The tartan my husband wears lead to a genealogy conversation and they are distant cousins. Very cool, indeed!!!

2014-09-14 11.48.48The group my husband threw with plus a few from another group, wonderful group of guys.

2014-09-14 14.13.32The Tomatin (a local scotch) World Record Caber toss!

After the games were completed there was a bonus. The Guinness Book of World records were there to officiate an attempt at the new world record for simultaneous caber toss. And they did it, they counted 66 cabers turned at the same time, even though over 100 people participated. So much fun, there was a lot of pomp and circumstance involved including a big tron so everyone could see how it looked. The you tube link is here.

I have to say that I was able to rest, enjoy several meals both on the athletic field as well as at local pubs with the group of Michigan throwers and their families. I am not a big fan of trying new foods but I enjoyed the meals I had. Food is more expensive than I expected and it is a big production of over an hour to an hour and a half to eat out. Good thing that we had such good friends to spend time with! ( I learned that I am so used to lightning fast speed on everything that I had to learn how to slow down.)

One more day in Inverness, what a great city in the Highlands.


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