day 11 in Scotland

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Only two days left on our vacation! We went in September and i am retelling it day by day. we are back in Edinburg.  on the recommendation of some friends, we went to Rosslyn Chapel. Rosslyn Chapel is about 45 minutes by bus away from the city center. It is in a very small quaint village in the middle of several farms. It was made famous in the Divinci code in the finale scene. This chapel was built in the 1400 and was never finished as it was envisioned by the Property owner because he died. This place allowed pictures outside only. It is famous for its intricate sandstone carving on the inside. There were children from school doing a field trip and looking for the special carvings. My husband and I laughed, we couldn’t imagine going to a six hundred year old building for a field trip. All we got as kids was taxidermy at Call of the wild museum. This is an absolutely beautiful place and you could go more than once and still enjoy the beauty of this place. I found out the person who recommended it to us has been there twice. The last picture is a very ornate monument on the grounds.


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In the afternoon, we decided to go back to city center of Edinburg. We went to Princes Street Gardens and enjoyed the natural space there with flowers still in full bloom. We went to the National Portrait Gallery and enjoyed the art, we saw the media, and citizens preparing for the referendum which would be held the next day. We did a lot of walking and saw many parts of the town.

We had thebest time …


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