Day 12 and last day in Scotland

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The last day. We had a wonderful stay in Martin Guest House. It is right on the bus route and near so many wonderful places to walk too. We went to see the Britannia in the morning. This was the last Royal yacht of Queen Elizabeth. It was a wonderful look into the life of the Royal family and British Culture. It has a large banquet room that many famous people dined there. The rest of the rooms were luxurious for the guests and the crew spaces were pretty special too.


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Next pics are of Martin Guesthouse and Edinburgh Royal Mile


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We spent the rest of the afternoon walking the royal mile and then back to the National Museum to finish the areas we didn’t see on the first day. It is an overcast day so spending time in this Victorian jewel was fantastic! Some of the exhibits are set in a very interesting manner and the building itself was worth walking through. We head back to our guest house to get to bed early and pack. I am riveted to the BBC to see what is happening with the referendum. The results will be in by morning and being part of this historical event was a very special addition to our trip.


I took so much away from this vacation. I had moments of not being sure that I could physically keep up. I did. I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to learn things like navigating the cities, find our destinations, be to all the Highland events. I did. I got lost and found my way without GPS. I was not sure I would make such good friends with other athletes and their families. I did. I found out that I was able to all of these things and be part of history. I really love this country. I can’t wait to go back.


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