Everything is a learning experience and today is no exeption


2014-10-19 18.42.13 2014-10-19 17.25.21 2014-10-19 17.24.27 2014-10-16 08.23.40 2014-10-16 08.22.58

I have to say I love the look of on point quilts. However, whenever I quilt one I get this dilemma. I call it Beauty and the Beast. It all starts out flat and pretty — a real beauty. Then as I roll, the ripples in the border become apparent and then with much stretching, pulling and flattening,  I think it will all be well. Until the last row, this is the beast. On this quilt, I even tried to shorten the borders and rebuilt the mitered corner. I love that my new Janome sews without a foot pedal, just hit start and stop. Yes, I was on the floor with a  quilt still pinned on frame. I learned that on point quilts are very, very difficult to make flat. All that bias is really tricky.


2014-10-19 18.53.002014-10-19 18.53.44

2014-10-19 18.52.452014-10-19 18.52.35


All that to have a couple of pleats and some ripples in the finished quilt. However, this is a very pretty quilt.  I love the blue and white. I chose a large feather to quilt it. I am happy that it is such a beautiful finish. I think that it looks beautiful.

2014-10-19 20.14.18 2014-10-19 20.14.33

2014-10-20 12.59.272014-10-20 18.11.42

2014-10-20 18.11.30


After all that work, I celebrated with my husband Shephard’s Pie and my apple crisp. Today I moved on and loaded another quilt on the frame. I am learning that a dark thread on this  star quilt looks great. I am going a bit free motion crazy on it!

2014-10-20 07.52.01

I took out my new fabrics from my stash and started to think about what I want to do with it. Nothing comes to mind yet. Tomorrow I will share a block I sewed this weekend. It’s huge!




  1. That sounds like a challenge – quilt on frame, machine on floor to adjust quilt! Phew! At least you had good eats once you finished the quilt! I think it looks nice on the bed.


  2. The quilt looks pretty good on the bed 🙂 Your feathers are very nice. I like on-point settings as well. I was taught to use quarter square triangles (cut the square in 4 diagonally) for setting triangles in on point settings, so that the side of the triangle that is on the edge of the quilt is not a stretchy bias edge. I’d be happy to share the math to figure out what size square to start with if you need it for the next on-point quilt.


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