I have time but the weather won’t cooperate

Isn’t is always true that when you have time to do an outdoor project the weather doesn’t cooperate? You know, the grass needs mowing, the leaves are starting to fall and need raking, the flower beds needs to be cut back. I have to start the great organization project of 2014-15. I am going to at least get things sorted this weekend. If the rain doesn’t stop to take things to the storage unit,  I will be very sad. We have sentimental items that don’t need to be thrown out, but I want to have my 2 spare bedrooms and front porch to be useful and not dumping zones anymore. This will be a winter long project.

2014-10-16 08.31.58 2014-10-16 08.32.42 2014-10-16 08.33.33


We have also been struggling with our vehicles. Last weekend the wheel bearing started to scream in the my husband’s Explorer, again. They have been replaced at least 3 times in our tenure of owning it. My van has some issues and driving it 78 miles a day three times a week isn’t good for it. So after much research and agonizing over the budget, we bought a used car. It is very luxurious for me. I am getting used to the modern dashboard. It isn’t without problems, of course we discovered them while taking delivery of the car at the dealers, at they will be fixed next week. One big one is the climate control on the passenger side. Another problem, is a chipped windshield.  I tell you,  used cars are the bane of my existence. Lets hope this one lasts as long as the last ones -many years. I just can’t see paying so much for a new car because as my great grandma used to say– “I didn’t pay that much for my first house!!!”

2014-10-16 08.22.58 2014-10-16 08.23.40

I am working on a quilt I call beauty and the beast for a customer. I love it . It is a classic tulip like block in blue and white,  but the on point setting is causing rippled borders. Lets hope for a good outcome on this one. I am going to get this off the frame this weekend one way or another, for better or worse, sink or swim …. you know what I mean!!!


Here’s too a great weekend no matter what the car or the quilt or the rain says — it’s way better than working!


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