Happy Halloween!

2014-10-29 07.43.03

I hope that everyone has a great Friday version of Halloween! I loved it when trick or treating was on Friday or Sat with the kids! I have to say that I am going to be an old poop and go to the gym during trick or treating times. The weather forecast is for snow and cold so the chances for little ones are slim. I don’t want to have to eat any leftover candy!!!

I have had a few days of feeling a little off with a cold and some vertigo but it is passing. I have had an opportunity to slow down and try to take care of myself. I am working and expect that my day job will get very busy with the holidays and being short staffed. I think that a good freeze with make this cold/allergy/virus heal faster. I think that my wish will come true tonight!

My customer picked up her on point quilt that had a little pleat in it. She was thrilled with the quilt. I am so glad, I was worried. I am my own worst critic I guess, I couldn’t see anything but the little imperfections that really can’t be seen in the big picture. She left another quilt, yay!!!

2014-10-30 06.50.36

Plans to go to a college football game this weekend. It will be a nice relaxing weekend. Here’s a pic of some sewing I did today inspired by a quilting book  checked out of the library. I am making a Michigan inspired quilt. I may try to enter it into a quilt show next year.


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