Insights from the weekend

I have to say this was a great weekend. I didn’t get many pictures. I haven’t been feeling the greatest so I was just paying attention to what I was doing much of the time. I have had a pretty bad bout of vertigo. I was getting discouraged because it always comes with allergies, a virus and always when I need to have my A game handy for work and other obligations. And sometimes you just can’t give your A game when you are feeling like that.

I started to have more problems since my allergy nasal spray went generic last spring. After months of trying to be cheap and deny it, I found myself where I am today. On steroids, sinus/ear issues, allergies and worried that it will be as bad as I have had this in the past. I have been bed ridden with it for 6 weeks at a time and who has time for that! I can only manage and prevent the symptoms, there isn’t any medical treatment to cure it.

This weekend we went to watch a football game and saw our son at his college. I was a bit car sick and walking wasn’t always easy but I did it. I had to pass on the corn maze and petting zoo.  I went to the game and froze. Then I started to feel better. I slept on a fantastic mattress at a hotel for ten hours, I haven’t slept like that in years!

I woke up with a new attitude, felt better and had a great day today. I did some shopping and the gorgeous fall day driving home got most of my attention. I haven’t done any chores, no sewing, and just relaxed and it was  much needed after a tough work week full of transitions and more changes.

Then tonight came the best news, my allergy nasal spray went through as a trade name on my insurance.

I realized need to make more down time in my life. I need to stop being so cheap on things that are important to quality of life/safety and not feel bad about it. And sometimes I need to break down and do or buy things because it makes me happy like fabrics or Sirius radio in our new to us car. And be happy about it. Because I am really enjoying it, and this weekend proved it to me.

I think this will be a much better week.


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