2014-10-01 12.27.042014-10-10 07.13.01 2014-10-10 07.13.14 2014-10-10 07.13.24 2014-10-10 07.13.43

I love this baby quilt, the front of the quilt is beautiful. It is really a nice combo of oranges in a very interesting arrangement. My friend Holly made it for  co worker’s new baby. I quilted each zone of the front in a different stitch that had tons of movement. I also wanted it to be different textures so the baby would have a play mat that would be texturally stimulating.

2014-10-01 11.01.482014-10-10 07.14.262014-10-10 07.14.43

Here are some shots of the back, it is as beautiful as the front! I love the letters and the saying is wonderful. I think that the textures show up nicely in these pictures. I did all of the stitches free hand. The quilt was well received and I think that the new baby is going to be toasty warm this winter!

Such a great a quilt Holly!!!


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