Observations at Olive Garden

2014-11-08 14.15.31

People today were interesting. We went to a bigger town about 70 miles away to drop a guitar off for repair. I also stopped at the local quilt shop. We decided to have a late lunch.

We discovered that there were many people up north this weekend and everything was busy. The mall was busy. We stopped at a restaurant in the mall. There were tables. We sat down in the bar area as directed and the waitress told the hostess she wouldn’t take our table. We left. We went to Olive Garden. Yay, we waited for our seat. We had may opportunities to see people.

2014-11-08 11.57.26

People were controlling. They refused tables and demanded other tables , um the restaurant is packed. People were rude to the hostesses and wait staff. People wanted to be first and cut others off. At the quilt shop, people acted as if they were more important than me because they knew the owner’s name. Um, it’s the name of the store, I know her name too. She was waiting on me while they were looking and tried to cut me off at the register, then said “its ok for you to go first.” Ugh. Lovely quilt shop, lovely owner and fab inventory, however the patrons at this particular shop act like this every time I am there.  We left town quickly and took the scenic route home.

Hmmmm, it wasn’t like this in Scotland on vacation.  And just so you know the day wasn’t a total bust,  the food at Olive Garden was fantastic. Our waitress was the best. People in the area,  however, were not.

I miss vacation. lol



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