2014-12-01 07.31.51

This is the first Batik collection I have ever bought. It is 6.25 in strips. I decided to do a triple rail fence variation that I have seen on the internet these days. I have some open spaces to practice my longarm quilting and make it really special. For me. I have been on a for me kick with my creative endeavors. I am not going to feel guilty, right? LOL you know there is a twinge of guilt. I am enjoying it so much.

Today it is back to full time day job. Family went home or back to college. MiL diagnosed with breast cancer and her first appointment is Thursday. I am really more into fantasy. I indulged myself with tons of football and old episodes of Xena warrior princess. I think that helps. I think that it is the beginning of crap getting real. Not fun but real. I have my ways to cope and so happy quilting and art is part of that. I am getting Zentangle out this week too. I need to focus on art and less on the rest of the negativity.


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