To book or not to book, that’s the question

I am thinking…… should I  pursue my idea about writing a quilt book?


You see i would have to do it all myself. Make the quilts, write the patterns,  edit, and get the photos. I have the ability to do all of this. I researched self publishing. I even have a rough Draft done. And a couple of thequilts are done, too.

I had the brakes halt on this project because I had one rejection from a publisher. I have had a few magazine rejections. So I have been rethinking the project. I have decided to go ahead with the project/concept after a little break. I need to continue to work on the quilts this winter. I have a couple of new ideas too.

Why even do this?

As a blogger and quilter recently said. ….If you can you must.-Mary Fons

And I add to that why not?


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