I got my hair done today. I splurged and bought some product and really went all out with this haircut. It’s modern, asymmetrical and a bit daring for me in recent years. I like it and have had some positive comments.

However, it is funny how something like this makes me realize. I felt bad about doing something so extravagant. I felt so guilty. Why?

who knows. I guess that it is an ingrained habit of not spending money on myself. Or spending time on my appearance. It took me a few hours to get over it. And I am going to keep it up until I am ready for a change.

I used to feel bad about spending money on things like the gym, clothes, eating out, getting a nice hotel, purchasing fabric without me earning “extra money” outside of my day job….. I have gotten over those things so I think I will get over the hair costs.



  1. I like it! As I’ve gotten older and my kids have become adults, it’s easier to spend money on myself. In my younger years, we simply didn’t have the disposable income.


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