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I am so glad that the last conference I attended was about children. They left colored pencils out, and some candy but I was more interested in the pencils. I doodle my way through meetings but colored pencils, yea!!! I tried my hand at several ideas. Mostly what you would categorize as “comfort” tangles, and other things you don’t have to think about— just draw.

2014-12-10 20.50.31

I think that I need to take colored pencils and drawing pens everywhere but that is frowned upon at work and many other places, like church. I think in this age of technology and smart phones that maybe public doodling and drawing could be more acceptable but there is always a time a place.

I say draw on! I remember what was taught when I am able to draw during the presentations. I wonder if there are any studies out there that supports my finding. Hmmm. I will have to look!

2014-12-10 20.51.20

I knew it!!!! Article that proves doodling helps to remember!!!,8599,1882127,00.html

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  1. I am a constant doodler!!! At work, the backs of returned envelopes are typically turned into swirly FMQ designs. Scrap paper is made into mini-pads and words and FMQ designs are scrawled across them. My boss comes into my office and finds something artistically written on paper – like “Rhythm”. Meetings? Forget about! I’m totally doodling my fool head off. lol


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