Hmmmmm, lots of football talk on that word cloud but not quilting. Haha, its that time of year. I feel a bit lost when football is finished and we are sesrching for something. Were going to watch more movies this winter. And i am working on my quilt book more. I am probably going to self publish it , its a goal i have and i am going to keep working on it. 

Old word collage

What else am I working on ? The sewing room and furniture moving project. Its  reset of 2 of our bedrooms with organization of thoses spaces. I am working on weight loss and fitness.


I have 2 quilt ufos and a few tops to quilt. I have 4 customer quilts to do. I am going to keep working on my quilt for a show.


I dont think i will get bored this winter and those goals should carry me over till spring. Lol

Today its gym day and look for a Christmas  tree day. We discovered we threw out the old broken down one last year. 


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