Weekend adventure

2014-12-13 18.26.31 2014-12-13 18.26.51

We looked all over to find a Christmas tree. We were going to use the old one again however, we discovered that we threw out the old one last year. Sooooo, since we couldn’t find one we went to Bronner’s. It is one of the biggest attractions in Michigan all year, and it is the biggest attraction in December. But, we could find a tree anywhere else. I wasn’t ready to get a 4 foot table top tree. So we went, it was very crowded. However people were nice and not rude.

2014-12-13 18.33.38 2014-12-13 18.33.49 2014-12-13 18.34.26 2014-12-13 18.35.00 2014-12-13 19.20.41

We went to a couple of stores in downtown Frankenmuth. I found some fabric grab bags that are awesome. I liked the pillow in the window, the texture is pretty cool. We also enjoyed the lights all over town an then….

2014-12-13 19.30.09Bam! We happened to be in the right place at the right time and saw some fireworks! In December, it is pretty warm after such a rotten November (50+inches of snow) and everyone is feeling pretty festive.

2014-12-13 20.22.45 Isn’t this fireplace at Cracker Barrel awesome! I love the idea of a fire but in reality I hate the wood, dirt, smoke, maintenance…. lol but this was so warm and pretty.

2014-12-14 13.22.49 And the tree is up. We are leaving town Thursday for a little over a week,  but I am glad we went to the trouble of putting up the tree. It will make the holidays last longer because I always leave it up until after the New Years sometimes even a week or so later. So our adventure was fun and festive. And it made me feel really good inside.


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