What a Merry Christmas

2014-12-20 12.54.54

We had a great time with our children and grandchildren on our Christmas vacation. Its the first time we have seen the grandbabies since birth and the first time our college aged son has met them. We opened gifts and had a traditional turkey meal. It was such fun to watch the little girls open gifts for the first time and play with toys. It was even more fun to see the adults play with them. They were pretty excited with all the new things!

2014-12-25 10.54.502014-12-25 10.55.562014-12-25 11.00.37

We drove the 2 day trip last week from Michigan to Virginia Beach. We have been to see the last Hobbit movie at an Imax theater, so cool. I loved it and I won’t see a movie in our terrible theater at our home ever again.

2014-12-22 15.06.03 2014-12-22 15.12.01 2014-12-22 15.37.31

2014-12-23 17.55.17 2014-12-23 20.37.17 2014-12-23 20.37.24 2014-12-23 15.59.57 2014-12-23 16.00.01

We drove to see the Great Dismal swamp. I enjoyed seeing the countryside. We had time to go to Busch Gardens Christmas  town. They had thousands of lights. We watched 2 shows filled with music and top notch entertainment , rode the train and the sky line ride, saw the 6 penguins on display and most importantly the girls met Santa for the first time. I had so much fun and it was perfect for getting  into the Christmas  spirit.

I found quilt shop that had modern fabric near my daughter’s home. Many shops in Virginia are cool but have civil war and other reproduction  fabric,  which are awesome but not what I am looking for right now. I met a Michigan lady there whos mother is in the nursing home right by my house. Michigan people always find each other, we must stand out. John Pinet had a catch phrase in his comedy that I love,  ” I have found my people”, pretty hard for this small town Michigan girl to do in Virginia Beach but I did at the quilt shop, of course!

Mostly we have been hanging out and playing with the kids, that has made it a special trip. Of course, we have all caught the cold thats going around but thats pretty normal this time of year, too!

_DSC0218 _DSC0219

After two days of driving home, we made it. And so far we are all still talking to each other. 🙂


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