Snowballs and Economy

2015-01-04 14.33.16

I have been thinking about what I want to do this year in my quilting goals. I have a couple of quilts to bind and a few tops to long arm. I have several blocks made to put together 2 or 3 tops.  I have no new big ideas brewing so I was thrilled the that the local quilt shop is having a Snowball block exchange. I only have to make 20 and they mix up the blocks and I get 20 back. Easy, instant gratification and in my favorite color palate– blues and whites. This is a nice way to ease back into sewing after having several weeks off due to the holidays. They are 7 inch blocks so maybe the snowballs will be the center of a star.

2015-01-04 16.58.41

I have 4 Economy blocks to make for quilt group. Yes, the lone anti joiner has found a group of friends, not a guild, that I have been part of for a year. Wow, huh.

These economy blocks are 6 inch paper pieced blocks. This is a block lotto, winner takes all for those in the group who participate. The host likes using Vellum paper and gave me a few to try. I have decided that I like paper piecing papers because I like to steam my blocks. It is much easier to see the fabrics on Vellum but the slippery paper and curling edges are problematic for me.

Winter is back so hibernation mode is on. Football is over for my college and pro teams. I guess that means I need to start organizing my house on top of the usual stuff. Yawn, boring but necessary.

This is my first full week of work in a month so I am expecting it to feel extra long and extra annoying because I have to drive in this extra crappy snowy weather. I am not bitter about winter or the fact work wants me to drive 40 miles or more to work in other offices. It is reality, winter can be pretty draining and difficult in itself. That’s why quilting, exercise, music and Zentangle gets me through!


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